LCF Mission

The Logistics Cooperation Forum (LCF) was established in 2006 with the aim of integrating and representing the position and views of the major civil society organizations in the logistical profession on the relevant issues of the profession in the public and administrative, entrepreneurial and civil organization forums where the logistical issues will be discussed and preparated for the administration. Currently LCF has 11 member organizations.

The most significant activity of the past period was the development of a medium-term logistics strategy for the planning period 2014-2020, which was prepared by the LCF working group by co-ordinating the IFKA (IDNF - Industrial Development Nonprofit Foundation) as a  background institute of MNE, the Ministry of National Economy. This Strategic Document was submitted to the Government by the Ministry of National Economy after the necessary reconciliation with ministries, which was approved by the meeting of 18 September 2013 and announced by resolution 1670/2013 (IX. 25), the Minister of National Economy was appointed as responsible implemented.